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This is a PARTIALLY finished website. The searching functions work, but things like a user agreement and a lot of the research/links aren't finished. By using this site, you agree not to hold me responsible for anything, at least until I have a real user agreement for you! I make no guarantees or promises of anything, except that I won't give away or sell your information ;)

Like always, you're more than welcome to help with development!

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Help with breastfeeding

Your first stop if you are having trouble breastfeeding:

if you know about any of these or have something to add, PLEASE let me know. If you're willing to write something up about what SNS is, for example, that would be much appreciated!

Increasing supply
kellymom has some great resources
Try googling 'galatogues'

You might want to look into:
SNS and Lact-Aid supplementers

If you've had a breast reduction
Mothering Article

And don't miss the page of links