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This is a PARTIALLY finished website. The searching functions work, but things like a user agreement and a lot of the research/links aren't finished. By using this site, you agree not to hold me responsible for anything, at least until I have a real user agreement for you! I make no guarantees or promises of anything, except that I won't give away or sell your information ;)

Like always, you're more than welcome to help with development!

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Milk Banks vs This Site

What is the difference between this site and a milk bank?

someone want to check my statements about milk banks here? feedback?

People donate milk to milk banks, and then never see it again. People receive milk from milk banks, and have no idea who/where it came from. In order to avoid passing diseases, and for other reasons, the donated milk is pasturized, destroying many, but not all of the beneficial compounds normally found in human breastmilk.

Milk banks are not that prevalent in the world today. Because of the low supply, milk is reserved primarily for those who need it most.

This site is meant to connect people directly and locally. Right now, if you are a new parent who wants to breastfeed your child, but for whatever reason (and there are many) can't, you are usually left to your own devices to find someone who is willing to give/sell their milk to you or else use formula. The purpose of this site is to make that search easier. Milk will be passed directly from the giver to the recipient, with no storage facility or processing (or hopefully shipping) in between. It is up to the parties involved to screen the donor for STDs, etc.

This site allows users to input their information, and a computer will find the nearest match. This match is currently done just by location, but will eventually incorporate other preferences as well.