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This is a PARTIALLY finished website. The searching functions work, but things like a user agreement and a lot of the research/links aren't finished. By using this site, you agree not to hold me responsible for anything, at least until I have a real user agreement for you! I make no guarantees or promises of anything, except that I won't give away or sell your information ;)

Like always, you're more than welcome to help with development!

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Updated links page with the breastfeeding symbol site

Added shipping suggestions for when a local match just isn't possible.

Talked with Kelley at MilkShare to possibly integrate our sites, but they will remain separate.

Added a mapping of where users are located

New pages:
How the site works

Write a user agreement
combine registration/login for the forum and the main site
Making a Milk Match
Why use donor milk instead of formula?
Add ability to customize how much of your info is available to others
Guide for screening of donors
Figure out the payment issue
Warning about prolacta
Add stories and pictures!
Help for mamas having trouble breastfeeding
Add international links/support
Make logos/add pictures!
tidy up!

The main purpose of this site will be to connect people locally. Parents who are in search of human breastmilk will be able to connect with mamas who have extra to share. I have heard many a story of people shipping frozen milk across the country and I can't help but think there's got to be a better way!

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This Site
How this site works
Map of user locations

Finding a match
Making a good Milk Match - things to consider
The difference between this and a milk bank
Some existing milk banks

Why you want breastmilk for your baby
The benefits of breastmilk
Why use donor milk instead of formula?

If you need some help and encouragement
Some tips for those having trouble breastfeeding
Resources to help you get going

Why you want to give your extra milk
Real Stories
Information about the benefits of breastmilk