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This is a PARTIALLY finished website. The searching functions work, but things like a user agreement and a lot of the research/links aren't finished. By using this site, you agree not to hold me responsible for anything, at least until I have a real user agreement for you! I make no guarantees or promises of anything, except that I won't give away or sell your information ;)

Like always, you're more than welcome to help with development!

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Figuring out payment issues Still trying to figure this one out...
Arguments about paying for milk:
In Favor:Against:
Encourage more donors to participate Some say it's wrong to charge/get paid
Recipients are usually willing to pay Legal issues, it may be illegal is some states
Can be left as optional in form

any other thoughts?

I was thinking about a page that basically says, if you're a donor, try to make it free, but if there's really no way you can do it without being compensated, then go ahead and put in an amount. We want you to be in the system to give those looking for milk as many choices as possiblt. If you're a recipient, seriously think about paying anything higher than the cost of formula because you don't want to be taking someone else's milk at the expense of their own child's well-being. And you don't want to tempt anyone to "cut" the human milk with formula.

If there *is* going to be any payment involved, this site should probably only be used for matching at this point. Maybe when we're famous, we can hire a lawyer and become a non-profit/go-between or something... In any case, you're only selling your time/effort (i.e. earning an hourly wage) and not your milk (per ounce)