Greg is a future museum docent. At age 8, he already has himself a worn-out tweed jacket, and a collection of beat up books. He doesn’t have much, but it is all very precious to him. Greg is overly protective of possessions, both physical and emotional.

Lusitania (Lu)

Lu is the eldest of the group, at age 10. She is the most social and outgoing of the group, considering herself best friends with roughly everyone. That said, she prefers to avoid the limelight in favor of organizational duties.


Sloan, age 7, is the laziest shit in the world. Fortunately, she’s smart and fairly well read. If you can get her to leave her bed for a minute, she’s quite useful and informative. Because things intellectual come easily to her, she easily tires of the company of others, even good friends.


Enzo is the youngest of the group, at age 5. He is like a little rat, scrounging for extra bits of things, and covetous of other people’s belongings. He very much dislikes being in this enormous unusual family, and cherishes moments, objects, and thoughts he can keep to himself.


Glory is a 6 year old butterball. He loves eating, and he loves talking about eating. Shame over his size has made this once loud child grow more and more introverted. He is glad to have his friends, but in part feels like he’s always out of place.


Wray, age 9, is the toughest girl in the entire orphanage. Nobody pushes her around for any reason. She values loyalty above all things, and has a long memory for betrayal. Although she can be gregarious when needed, she reserves meaningful conversation for her very closest friends.


Priti will grow up to be a politician if she ever makes it out of here. She is a born leader with a quite healthy sense of her own social value. She has a powerful sense of entitlement, which is sometimes a source of passion, and other times a source of great delusion.

The entire story takes place in an around a small orphanage near the top of Mountain 571 in the Andes. It is always snowcapped and always overcast.

The orphanage is an ancient rickety wooden building that is, nevertheless, well-appointed and comfy on the inside. A lost traveler might think it was an abandoned shack, only to find that the interior looks like a nice scene from "A Christmas Carol".

It is run by a small number of impossibly old nuns who are always out of frame. They are all essentially blind, deaf, slightly mad, and entirely benevolent. A kid could probably present them with a dead man’s head, only to hear back that "well, boys will be boys."

The overall feel of the setting is that of a waking dream. The setting is so short on sensory input and so remote from the world that the kids are forced to create their own diversions.